Mobile Chiropractic Application

         Download Pamphlet (PDF)

  • 1.  Authorization from supervisor/owner (PDF).  Download form   .(Word) Doc  
  • 2.  How do we get to you?  We can look up directions, but we try to keep within about 10 miles of our office, (We may be able to make exceptions on a case by case basis) Check how far you are here.  Fill out the application for us to come step 3.
  • 3. Mobile Chiropractic Request Form (PDF)      (Word) Doc
  • 4.  Please have every person being seen fill out the Patient Intake Form prior to being seen.  Patient Intake Form (Click Here)
  • Any questions call (562) 694-BACK (2225) text Dr. T (562) 665-8351, or CLICK HERE

    Although it is not necessary to pay ahead of time, if you would like to speed up the process, or if you are a supervisor/employer/host who wants to treat his/her employees/guests, this option is available to pay in advance.

    We accept paypal, credit cards (MC/Visa/Amex), debit cards, checks on site, or Google checkout below.

    You are able to pay for yourself individually, or for multiple people or services. For example, chiropractic and 20 min chair massage.
    Chiropractic x 1, chair massage x 2.

    Set off site office hours are not confirmed at this time, since this concept is new, we will adapt our office hours as needed and as the demand grows.

    To send us a message or question, click here.

  • Why Mobile Chiropractic?

    During family get-togethers when I spend time with my extended family, before I leave, a few people will ask, “Can you give me a quick adjustment?” That can end up being about 10 to 15 people in about an hour with about 5-10 minutes per family member. I used chairs, tables, the floor, being as creative as I needed to treat my family, then I though “Why don’t I just bring a portable table and take this idea on the road?” That’s how this idea was born. The technology is now available to be mobile just about anywhere, so why not with chiropractic?

    What is a Quick Adjustment?

    At family events, I don’t do therapy, like I would in my office. In the office, I might use other therapies to prepare a patient for a better adjustment, especially if they are in a lot of pain, or really tight and stiff. At family events I just may do a quick tune up on someone, depending they need. It’s like a tune-up on your car. The mobile setup is designed for maintenance. If you have a more serious problem, you may need more treatment.  If you are seen offsite, your information is in our files, so we can see you in-office easily. If you need to check if your insurance covers chiropractic, click here.

    Does this minimize chiropractic?

    Not at all, I’ll be taking a history and doing a mini-exam, just like I would in the office, just without doing therapy. The more people I can see the better. The “quick adjustment” is basically what I do on my family or colleagues when another chiropractor asks for an adjustment.

    How did I come up with this idea?

    (See above) On Christmas and Thanksgiving, at family events, I usually have to start leaving about an hour before I actually leave because people start asking for adjustments. I would use everything from chairs to the floor to the couch to adjust my family members. Why not make this a little more formal with a portable table and take that concept on the road?

    What is a mobile Chiropractic event like?

    Ideally we would to go to a business and set up my portable table and after we get some basic information, have people line up, we find out what’s going on and we tune people up.  We would prefer that it be a place that would have a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily be able to get to a chiropractor, but I can come to them.

    What would it cost?

    An initial consultation would cost $85 in my office (if you are a member of the discount network I’m a provider for). A cash price adjustment under that plan would be $45. A routine examination takes me about 10-15 minutes depending on the amount of questions, and an adjustment about 5-10 minutes, depending on what we’re doing. If you have at least 6 people (the business owner/supervisor/host) is free (or whomever they designate is free). Unless free treatment is prohibited by law.  Details at

    6-10 $40/person
    11-20 $35/person
    21-40 $30/person
    41-60 $25/person
    61+ $20/person

    A group session of 2 hrs. for $500 is available, and we will see as many people as we can fit in 2 hrs. Additional hours $200/hr.

    Can you bill insurance?

    The easiest thing for us to do is to keep insurance out of it all together.  However, if you would like for this to become a regular event, it may be worth looking into insurance coverage.  Some insurance companies actually cover off-site health care, but there are so many variables, different insurances, etc., that we may have to test it to see if it's worth it.  The way most insurance companies are nowadays, it's doubtful, but under the right circumstances, worth a try.  Medicare actually does cover, but not much, and if there are enough people (>20 for Medicare), and we can arrange for travel on a case by case basis, we will bring our group over. 

    It’s like a chiropractic “party”

    What is that you may ask? Well, have you ever had a Tupperware party, or a party with a theme or purpose. Imagine something like that with a twist. I've heard of eyelash parties, candle parties, manicure parties, etc. Each person can pay for themselves, or you can pay one fee, and it’s “all you can eat” chiropractic. For our prices, check  You can be as creative as you like with this.  as long there are enough people for us to come to, and we can fit it into our schedule, we'll make it work. 

    My record for adjusting people is 149 in an 8 hour day, so you do the math. It’s difficult to see that many patients, and would not be possible without the staff that I had then, but I can adjust quickly, how fast I go depends on how complicated it gets and each individual case.

    Did you say free adjustments? 

    Unless it is prohibited by law, some adjustments can be free, (ask for details).  So, for business owners/or the supervisor, your treatment would be free or whomever you designate if you decide not to be seen. If there are greater than 10 people, the supervisor and the organizer of the event will get free treatment (unless prohibited by law, i.e. Medicare). 

    I can also arrange for massage therapists to do chair massage for $1 a minute if you would also like that service.

    I have a practice in La Mirada, which you are also able to go to, but this is a new concept and it’s based on the “Costco principle”, when you buy in bulk it’s cheaper.
    It’s a win-win, I come to you, I’m able to provide a service you are not usually able to get, and because the overhead is low, it’s cheaper.

    What do we need to get started?
    1. A space for me to bring a portable table, approximately 6 ft x 5 ft min or larger. A medium hallway would usually be sufficient.
      A. This space can be as private as you prefer, or out in the open if no one minds.
      B. I just need enough room to spread out my portable table and to walk around it.
    2. A place where my staff can put a chair and a small desk (like a TV tray) with an outlet so we can plug in our laptop.
    3. I have portable internet access (a hot spot), so we just need a cell phone signal.
    4. (Optional) space for chair massage, if requested. Please let me know how many therapists you would like.

    What would you have to do when we get there?

    If you want for us to come, you’d have to fill out a Mobile Chiropractic request, and you can find all of the forms needed at
      1. Have filled out the supervisor/owner authorization form.

      2. Fill out the sign-up sheet with a minimum of 6 people (supervisor/owner/host or whomever he/she designates free).
      3. Each person fill out the patient intake form online 1 per person. This is an individualized health questionnaire so we can streamline the process when we see you.
      4. Fax us the authorization form and sign-up sheet, which tells us when, where to be and who will be seen.
    5. If you have any questions, e-mail or call us.