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10 Reasons to Join Us


Walk-in patients are always welcome

any time we are open. Patients
with appointments are given priority,

(walk-ins may have a 2 to 10 minute wait)

We take our last patient with therapy

30 minutes before we close

and adjustment only patients as late as

15 minutes before we close.


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What we treat

Chiropractic care can help with the following problems and others:.

We have experience and great results with the following conditions, call for a free consultation.

In the internet age, anyone can post anything and appear to be an authority; it is difficult to know what information to trust.  The purpose of this website is for people to gain information about our practice as well as to be a resource of information to help you be informed, based on our perspective and paradigm (probably yours too), with what is factual.

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My Story

Dr. Thomas became a chiropractor because of his personal experience with chiropractic care.

In 1987, Dr. Thomas was injured in a gymnastic accident and his experience with chiropractic care was so profound that it led him to decide on a career in chiropractic.

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Dr. Thomas' modern approach is considered unique by most because it utilizes

  • Traditional chiropractic techniques.

  • Combined with modern scientific thought.

  • As well as, modern diagnosis and treatment.

His approach does not ask you to believe anything about chiropractic other than what plain common sense would have you believe. 

We take the "magic" out of the "alternative" as we are more "complimentary healthcare" and alternative only in that we do not rely on drugs and surgery as our ONLY options, but incorporate natural medicine as well as functional restoration by chiropractic adjustments, nutritional alternatives/supplements (if desired) and exercise.  Dr. T's "use it or lose it" approach has helped thousands reduce or eliminate their pain entirely, to be well, and stay well. Skeptics welcome!  We advocate being proactive rather than reactive with your health. 

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