Healthcare Vs. "Sickcare"

When some people think of healthcare, their thinking may be kind of backwards.Many people think of going to the doctor, health insurance, or healthcare when they are already sick, which is more “sick care” than healthcare.

Chiropractic care embraces a philosophy of wellness, which is focuses on “health” and “care”.

Taking care of yourself is really a daily thing, for instance, we eat daily (and our choices of food contribute to our health), do maintenance on ourselves, like grooming, brushing our teeth, etc. Why would we think that our bodies would need anything less? I recommend chiropractic care for maintenance on occasion, just like maintenance on a car, like a tune-up. Sometimes insurance does not cover maintenance, and many times insurance is for “sick care”. Trips to your dentist or medical doctor for checkups are considered preventative maintenance.

I follow a “use it or lose it” approach to health with my philosophy of chiropractic, because my concept of chiropractic involves the restoration of function where it is lacking.This is based on personal experience as well as the empirical evidence I see daily with patients.As a chiropractic physician, I primarily focus on neuromusculoskeletal problems, but when lifestyle, or diet may be contributing to one’s lack of health, we can address it and make it part of your in office “care” as well as your “self-care”.

Supplements, as well as exercise are also components I utilize in my office to promote a well-balanced daily “health and care” regimen. When something is lacking in your ability to care for yourself, whether it be a lack of function causing pain, stiffness, or just an inability to do an activity you used to do.That’s what we’re here for.

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