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Chiropractic care on a lien

Most attorneys that we work with have chiropractors that are their "go to" chiropractors for a given area.  They may have had bad experiences with other chiropractors who may have unrealistic expectations about their lien ALWAYS being paid in full, write bad reports, over treat, poorly manage cases, and/or other problems that may cause difficulty when you are ready to settle a client's case. 

For most of the attorneys I work with, they know Dr. Thomas is that "go to" chiropractor.  We are in La Mirada, but near La Habra, Whittier, Brea, Santa Fe Springs, Buena Park, Norwalk, Santa Fe Springs and other cities in this area. 

Why Chiropractic

Not all chiropractors are the same.   Mainstream/modern chiropractic focuses on biomechanics and functional restoration. 

Chiropractic is particularly effective with patients who are more injured than a simple sprain/strain.  It is particularly effective with patients that do not need surgery, but present with injuries that are primarily soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament). 

We commonly treat patients concurrently with an orthopedist or neurologist, particularly when a patient would benefit from medication as well as conservative treatment.   

Why Dr. Thomas?

We will perform treatment with an attorney's lien. 

I've been in practice since 1996 and in that time I have treated over 800+ car accident cases.  With that being said, I know how the PI climate is whether the case is a slip and fall, or a rear end collision.  My reports and documentation utilize information that the "Colossus" type programs understand. 

I am also a QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator) for the DWC (Division of Workers' Compensation) and I am aware of the rigorous legal issues as well as the need for evidenced based and reasonable treatment. 

My staff and I speak Spanish, and Spanish speaking patients feel comfortable communicating in their own language. 

We are open until 7pm several days a week and on Saturday for your patient's convenience. 

Experience you can count on

  • Willing to testify in court.  One settlement, based on my court testimony resulted in a $100,000+ verdict.
  • I will order x-rays, MRIs, orthopedic and neurological consults when necessary. 
  • Our office will keep your office "in the loop" with regard to progress, and will request authorizations for consults, and special testing. 
  • I know what the PI climate is and understand what insurance companies expect from patients and from doctors.
  • We document gaps in treatment.
  • We use an automated phone call reminder system to help patients keep their appointments.