The Purpose of this Website

In the internet age, anyone can post anything and appear to be an authority; it’s difficult to know what information to trust.  The purpose of this website is for people to gain information about our practice as well as to be a resource of information to help you be informed, based on our perspective and paradigm (probably yours too), with what is factual. 

We want you to check us out, so, read about me, how I think, and why I think that way.  After looking through our articles, background, and how I see the world, you may realize that it’s not that different from what you already think and believe. 

It is my hope that this website can be an educational resource to help patients understand what may be going on with their bodies, and what their options are.  We offer many self-help (DIY) articles, however, the information provided is for educational purposes only and not intended to help you self-diagnose, but hopefully to inform.  Please seek the advice of a medical doctor and/or chiropractor.   The information provided is intended to help you be and stay well.  I hope to inform you of possible options that you may or may not be aware of and possibly confirm, or challenge your thinking.  So, if you need a chiropractor, and are close enough to come to me, we welcome you to our office.