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My First Injury That Led Me to a Chiropractor

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My first Injury That Led Me to a Chiropractor

by William M. Thomas, D.C.

At that moment, I was holding an iron cross on the rings while doing a gymnastics move.  I heard a “pop” in my mid back and felt something shift in my mid back and ribs.  I was not stable enough to hold myself up anymore and dropped to the mats.  Something didn’t feel right in my ribs and my mid back.  It felt like something in my ribs and chest was “out of place”.  In chiropractic we call it a “rib being out”, or a thoracic subluxation with a subluxated rib. 

I didn’t know much about chiropractors or chiropractic.  I was 17 years old.  All I knew was that my mid back and rib popped.  I didn’t know the terminology, my bones “popped”, “cracked”, whatever, it just didn’t feel right.  My thought was, “Chiropractors crack bones, my bones cracked,  I’ll go to a chiropractor to crack it, pop it back into place.” 

This injury, and the effectiveness of treatment, led me to decide to be come a Doctor of Chiropractic.  For more on that, click here

What is Happening Underneath?

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons were unable to withstand the amount of load (my then 145 lb body) that was being placed on it, and the weight was unevenly distributed among the structures that were holding it, therefore, that structure could have either stretched and moved, or failed and fractured or would tear.  Fractures or tears would be a medical problem, it’s the in between (which happened to me) that chiropractors are experts at, which is why I believe I was led towards chiropractic. 

My shoulders were able to withstand the load, however, my ribs and mid back were not accustomed to that type of stress and/or load.  With more practice (neurological and muscle memory), more training (strengthening), more adaptation to that type of stress (my body’s ability to utilize both), more flexibility of that region (plasticity), more ability to distribute load/stress of that region (optimum functionality), my body could have possibly been able to withstand it, however because it wasn’t, it became injured. 

How injuries happen, click here.

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